Artemis the Moon Man


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Wilf Rake and Dan Bex have been trying to make music together since they met in school. The first attempt was a soundsystem botched together with salvaged PA speakers and guitar amps, which played two parties and then shut down. Next was a couple of bad techno tracks made in Wilf’s garage. After a fateful session at Dan’s grandma’s house, Artemis the Moon Man was born. 

Working either online or in intensive studio sessions, Artemis the Moon Man quickly had finished releases ready. They looked for a fresh label to work with, but the music industry is stinky, and Spotify has smelly socks. Big fans of DIY, Artemis the Moon Man decided to build their own label - Local Network Records.  A record label interested in good music, artist development and collaboration. Gloriously artist-led. Deliciously grassroots. 

Two releases down, and Artemis the Moon Man are developing a live show and writing even more music. They currently have a combined age of 47. 


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